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Re: [RELEASE] BFBC2 Mod Loader

Tue Feb 11, 2020 4:24 am


Version 2.0.0
-Switched from Winforms to WPF to be more flexible in how I can design and code the application
-Completely redesigned the application from scratch to give it a more flat and modern "Metro"-like look
-Code has been mostly rewritten to work with WPF which also led to several other small fixes and improvements
-Added support for all fbrb archives except for a few unnecessary small archives (yet)
-Added mod support for custom maps
-Added an option to enable and disable automatic check for application and map updates to settings tab
-Added "Refresh" button to the server browser
-Added a loading indicator at the bottom right which will appear when doing time consuming tasks
-Added additional information about a server at the right side of the server browser
-Info about a mod is displayed at the right side of the mod manager tab instead of a seperate window now
-Columns of the mod manager, server browser and map browser lists can be resized now
-Adjusted directory structure and several files of the application
-Adjusted directory structure and .ini file of mod archives (templates have been updated)
-Improved and fixed handling of .ini files
-Improved performance for applying changes and deleting a single mod drastically
-Improved performance for installing a large mod (previously known as modpack)
-Improved startup speed when one or more game servers are down
-Important messages will begin with a colorized "Done!", "Warning:" or "Error:" now
-Improved exception handling and event log in general (mainly to be more precise)
-Fixed application freezing/not responding when doing time consuming tasks
-Fixed automatic update check on startup is not working when mods are disabled
-Removed DotNetZip and implemented my own solution to handle zip archives

Note: Make sure to also download the latest version of my mods, older versions are not compatible anymore!

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